Siwar Al Assad is a writer and the author of three books. Born in Syria, he studied in Switzerland and France, and gained a law degree at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

Siwar Al Assad

His books include, "Of a Lost Heart" "Time for a season"and "Autopsy of a Demigod".

An accomplished horse rider and show jumper, he divides his time between London and European Cities. When not writing, he enoys spending time with his children and family.

Guard Thy Heart

“A beating heart is such a remarkable thing; people ought to stop and relish each individual beat. Regardless of the circumstances, it should never become a force of hate and radicalism.”
Siwar al Assad

Time for a Season / Le temps d'une Saison

"Loved it - Has romance, suspense and is well researched".

Of A Lost Heart / Á Coeur Perdu

“A compact thriller showing great pace and amazing control"
Paris Match

Autopsy of a Demigod / Autopsie D'un Demi Dieu

Coming later this year